Medallion Network is reshaping how achievements are verified, shared and rewarded. 

How Medallion Network works

Set Goals and Reward Achievements

Whether you're a sports organization, educational institution, or corporate entity, set clear goals for your group. Once they achieve these goals, reward them with a Medallion to celebrate their success.



Unlock benefits and rewards

Each Medallion you issue grants your cohort access to exclusive rewards from our partners. Let them celebrate their achievements and enjoy the benefits.

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Keep Your Members Engaged Post-Program

The Medallion Network fosters a vibrant community, boosting program retention through gamified experiences and alumni connections. 


Medallion Network is built upon a robust, open-protocol system that ensures each achievement certificate  secure, and immutable 

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What our customers say

Whereas in the past we tracked membership and contribution on a spreadsheet that was easily lost or deleted, Medallion has expedited and simplified our management process.

Medallion's brilliant user interface coupled with their seamless integration into various aspects of education and organizational processes promises to revolutionize data management and user experiences alike!

These medallions not only serve as a source of personal pride but also as a testament to the supportive and nurturing environment continually at WeThinkCode_. They symbolize the collective effort of peers who contribute to the success of each student, highlighting the importance of collaboration and teamwork in achieving shared goals.

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