Empowering Youth Through Sports: How Medallion Supports the Aspen Institute's 63x30 Mission

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This week, the Medallion team and I had the pleasure of attending the Project Play Summit in Baltimore. Despite the rainy weather, the excitement at the conference was palpable. What stood out most was the genuine commitment to making the world a better place for our youth. If you had seen the smiles on attendees' faces when discussing their programs, you would perfectly understand my admiration and trust for this initiative.

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Highlights from the Project Play Summit

The conference was incredibly well attended, with people traveling from all over the country. A major highlight was the Aspen Institute Sports & Society's announcement of their program, 63x30, during the plenary session held by Tom Farrey. This initiative is groundbreaking: for the first time, the National Survey of Children’s Health, conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, will annually track organized sports participation for youth ages 6-17. Through its Healthy People 2023 program, the federal government has set a national target for youth sports participation at 63% by the year 2030.

The Impact of 63x30

Achieving this target could lead to:

  • 1.7 million fewer children with overweight or obesity.
  • 147,000 fewer cases of diabetes.
  • 59,700 fewer cases of cancer.
  • 145,300 fewer coronary heart disease events.

Economically, this could save $80 billion, including $26.2 billion from reduced medical costs and $53.8 billion from increased productivity. Perhaps most compellingly, it would add 1.8 quality years to the lives of these children.

AISS’s Key Priorities

The Aspen Institute Sports & Society (AISS) focuses on three key priorities:

  1. Encourage Sport Sampling
  2. Revitalize In-Town Leagues
  3. Train All Coaches

Their philosophy is straightforward: excelling in sports translates to doing better in life. AISS's team, even during lunch breaks on printed napkins, reminded us of Einstein’s famous quote, "Play is the highest form of research." Their mission focuses on encouraging youth to play and have fun. 

The conference, with its guests and hosts, continually emphasized that there are countless ways we can support this mission.

How Medallion Contributes to AISS’s Mission

To contribute to AISS's goal, Medallion is offering our program for free to non-profits and educational programs in sports. This initiative will help these organizations leverage our platform to enhance youth sports engagement and retention. Here’s how:

Retention Through Gamification

Medallion's platform uses gamification to keep young athletes engaged. By transforming participation into a game-like experience, children are less likely to drop out. Medallion tracks achievements and milestones, offering rewards and benefits that keep participants motivated and involved.

Coaching Certifications

For coaches, Medallion offers a streamlined way to manage certifications and track professional development. Coaches receive verifiable digital badges for their qualifications and achievements, which can be easily shared and recognized within the community. This system ensures that clubs and athletes can verify a coach’s credentials quickly, fostering trust and transparency.

Achievement Tracking and Rewards

Medallion can track each athlete's progress, providing digital badges for milestones and accomplishments. These verifiable digital badges not only celebrate achievements but also serve as a motivational tool. Children and families earn rewards, such as tokens, coupons, and discounts, for their accomplishments, which fosters a sense of accomplishment and encourages continued participation.

Sustained Relationships Post-Program

Even after the program ends, Medallion helps maintain relationships with participants. The platform allows for ongoing engagement by offering new challenges and rewards, ensuring that the connection between the organization and the youth remains strong.


By integrating Medallion into youth sports programs, we can enhance engagement, ensure the accurate tracking of achievements, and maintain strong relationships with participants. Medallion's innovative approach aligns perfectly with the goals of the Aspen Institute Sports & Society. Together, we can make a significant impact on youth sports participation and the overall well-being of our children.

Join Us in Making a Difference!

Join us in empowering the next generation through sports! If your organization is a non-profit or educational program in sports, we invite you to take advantage of Medallion’s platform for free. By integrating Medallion, you can enhance youth sports engagement, track achievements, and maintain lasting relationships with participants.

📸 Photos by Howard Korn for the Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program.

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