The Authentic Web: a vision for a trustworthy digital future.

Discover how Medallion Network enhances the Authentic Web, promoting trust, integrity, and genuine interactions while ensuring verification, ownership, and privacy.

Can we still trust what we see on the Web?

Deepfakes, synthetic media generated using Artificial Intelligence, have rapidly evolved from intriguing novelties into significant societal threats.

According to Keepnet Labs, by the end of 2023, approximately 500,000 voice and video deepfakes were shared on social media platforms, driven by the explosive growth of deepfake technology . This surge is fueled by the increasing accessibility and sophistication of generative AI tools, enabling even non-experts to create highly convincing deepfakes.

Moreover, false representations are not limited to AI-generated content; they are prevalent on platforms like LinkedIn, interviewing processes and - of course - politics. Individuals often present a constructed view of themselves, disseminate misinformation, and create personas that do not correspond to reality due to the lack of a verification process. 

An example?


And we are sure you can think of many more. 

What is the Authentic Web?

The concept of an Authentic Web has become essential to embrace and understand. To grasp this idea more fully, let's revisit one of the most famous and significant metaphors in the history of philosophy The Myth of the Cave by Plato.

In Plato's allegory, prisoners are chained in a dark cave, facing a blank wall. Behind them burns a fire, and between the fire and the prisoners is a parapet along which puppeteers can walk. The prisoners watch the shadows cast on the wall by the objects behind them, mistaking these shadows for reality. One prisoner is freed and exposed to the light of the outside world, realizing that the shadows were mere illusions. After adjusting to the brightness, he sees the true forms of the objects and gains a deeper understanding of reality. He returns to the cave to liberate his fellow prisoners, but they resist, preferring the comfort of their familiar shadows.


The chains in Plato’s allegory symbolize the limitations and constraints that prevent individuals from perceiving true reality. In the context of the digital world, these chains represent the addictive design of social media platforms and the psychological grip they have on users; deepfakes and misinformation presenting a distorted versions of truth that many accept as real.

Social media algorithms are designed to keep users engaged by showing content that triggers strong emotional responses. This manipulation can trap users in echo chambers, reinforcing their beliefs and biases while limiting exposure to diverse perspectives.

The Authentic Web represents the effort to free us from these chains of deception. It aims to illuminate the digital landscape, much like the prisoner who escapes the cave and sees the world in its true form.

The Authentic Web Principles

Here are the key aspects of the authentic web for a global Manifesto:

1. Verification and Transparency: Ensuring that all users and platforms can be verified and trusted. This principle emphasizes the importance of openness, making sure that the sources of information are clear and that all interactions are transparent. Information shared on the authentic web must be accurate, reliable, and free from manipulation or deceit.

2. Ownership: Individuals and their chosen collectives have the right to create, share, and own digital assets, as well as to be the sole custodians of their data and online identity.

3. Genuine Interactions: Online interactions and engagements should be sincere and honest, avoiding bots, fake accounts, or manipulative tactics. The focus is on fostering real, meaningful connections and communities where users can share experiences and support each other.

4. Privacy and Security: Emphasizing the use of open-source technologies and robust data protection practices to ensure that identity verification is possible without compromising personal data.

5. Accountability: Both platforms and individuals are held accountable for their actions and content, promoting a culture of responsibility and trustworthiness.

Medallion Network Proof of Achievements is powering the Authentic Web

Medallion Network is set to enhance the Authentic Web by leveraging its innovative approach to credential verification and community engagement.


Medallion Network uses blockchain technology to ensure that all credentials and accomplishments are accurate and verifiable, fostering trust and transparency. This openness is crucial for combating misinformation, as it guarantees that shared data is reliable and free from manipulation. The platform empowers users to create, share, and own digital assets, giving them full control over their data and online identity. By storing achievements securely on the blockchain, Medallion Network ensures users are the sole custodians of their personal information.

By fostering a vibrant community through gamification and connecting like-minded individuals, Medallion Network encourages genuine online interactions. This approach helps build meaningful connections where users can share experiences and support each other, avoiding the use of bots or manipulative tactics. The platform promotes a culture of responsibility by holding both platforms and individuals accountable for their actions and content. Transparent and immutable blockchain records ensure that all shared achievements are verifiable and trustworthy, fostering a digital environment built on integrity.

Moreover, it emphasizes robust data protection practices, using open-source technologies to ensure identity verification without compromising personal data. Users have complete control over their privacy settings, with selective disclosure protocols enhancing trust and security.

By addressing these principles, Medallion Network helps create a digital space where truth and authenticity are prioritized. This aligns perfectly with the goals of the Authentic Web, aiming to liberate users from deception and misinformation, much like the prisoner who escapes Plato’s cave to see the world in its true form.

Are you ready to leave the cave?


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